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Veggies to plant now in the low desert

Urban Farm in Phoenix, Ariz., a program that offers instructions on growing your own healthy food, offers a Low Desert Planting and Harvesting Schedule. The plan was introduced to Coachella Valley gardeners in a September Water Wise Conservation event led by Don Ackley and hosted by the Coachella Valley Water District.

Here are some vegetables whose ideal planting time is by Dec.1 in our low desert, and their harvesting season:

  • Arugula, through March 15
  • Radish, through March 15
  • Spinach, through April 15
  • Turnip, through March 1

Here are vegetables whose good planting time here is by Dec. 1:

  • Bok Choy, through March 1
  • Broccoli, raab, through March 15
  • Carrot, through May 1
  • Collards, through April 1
  • Fennel, through May 15
  • Kale, through April 1
  • Leek, through June 1
  • Lettuce, head, through May 1
  • Lettuce, leaf, through April 15
  • Mustard greens, through March 15
  • Onion, scallion, through May 1
  • Parsley, through April 15
  • Parsnip, through April 15
  • Pea, English, through April 15
  • Pea, snap, through April 15
  • Pea, snow, through April 15
  • Swiss chard, through May 1

Urban Farm is a non-profit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. They offer free and paid courses online . If you sign up for one of these classes after clicking the links in this paragraph, The Desert Horticultural Society of Coachella Valley may earn a commission. These commissions help fund our Scholarship programs.

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