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Veggies to plant in the low desert

Urban Farm in Phoenix, Ariz., a program that offers instructions on growing your own healthy food, offers a Low Desert Planting and Harvesting Schedule. The plan was introduced to Coachella Valley gardeners in a September Water Wise Conservation Event led by Don Ackley and hosted by the Coachella Valley Water District.

Here are some vegetables that will do well when planted by Oct. 15 in our low desert, and their harvesting season:

  • Arugula, Nov.-April
  • Fava bean, Jan.-April
  • Garbanzo bean, Jan.-April
  • Lentil, Jan.-March
  • Beets, Jan.-April
  • Bok Choy, Dec.-Feb.
  • Broccoli, Jan.-March
  • Chinese Cabbage, Jan.-mid-March
  • Standard Cabbage, Jan.-April
  • Cilantro, Jan.-March
  • Garlic, May-June
  • Kale, Jan.-March
  • Leek, Feb.-May
  • Head Lettuce, Feb.-April
  • Leaf Lettuce, Dec.-April
  • Mustard Greens, Jan.-mid-March
  • Bulb Onion, April-mid-June
  • Scallion, Jan.-April
  • Parsley, Jan.-mid-April
  • Parsnip, Feb.-April
  • English Peas, mid-Jan.-mid-April
  • Snap Peas, mid-Jan. -mid-April
  • Snow Peas, mid-Jan-mid-April
  • Radish, Dec.-mid-March
  • Rutabaga, Feb.-April
  • Spinach, Dec.-March
  • Swiss Chard, Dec.-April
  • Turnip, Jan.-mid-April

For information on classes and events offered on low-desert gardening and sustainability, visit Urban Farm’s website and check out their online classes.

P.S. If you buy anything from Urban Farm after visiting the link above, DHSCV will be paid a commission. This money will support our fundraising efforts to continue issuing scholarships to local students enrolled at COD and those who go on to four-year universities.

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