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Irrigation Information

This page contains a list of documents which were created by Jessyca Frederick when she owned a company called Water Wise Now. Water Wise Now does not exist as a company and some of the content may be out of date.

Use with caution and at your own risk. There is no customer support for these documents.

Note: none of the links in the downloads work. All of the documents referred to in the downloads should be available on this page.

We also have watering schedule suggestions for Coachella Valley.

These links are PDF downloads from a DropBox.

  • Soil Type Worksheet — Determine what kind of soil you have at your home so you can accurately determine a watering schedule. Not everyone in the desert is on sand and soil profiles can vary within a single property, so you may want to check different areas.
  • Run-off Prevention — Learn how to identify the causes of run-off and fix them. You may also want these worksheets: Run-off Inspection Worksheet, Cycle-Soak Worksheet, MP Rotator Worksheet, and Sprinkler Station ID Worksheet.
  • Drip Irrigation Guide for Built-in Emitters — This is how to set up drip irrigation in your yard using drip tubing that has emitters built into the tubing by the manufacturer. This is good for under trees and large shrubs, or under grass/groundcover.
  • Point-Source Drip Irrigation Guide — This his how to set up drip irrigation in your yard using blank drip tubing and placing emitters precisely where you want them. This is good for plants that aren’t densely planted.
  • We tried to make switching to drip irrigation easy with our product line Switch2Drip. At the time we sold ready-made kits to go with our booklets. The general idea is 1) Cap your existing sprinklers, 2) Convert one of your sprinklers on each zone to a drip source, 3) Install drip tubing.

    Here are the Switch2Drip files you might be interested in: