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Help Cal-IPC Fight Invasive Weeds!

Cal-IPC is the California Invasive Plant Council. We have partnered with them in the past (the Fountain Grass flyer) and hope to again in the future.

They are looking for support in securing their funding request from the State government. Below is the text from their recent email.

The WMA funding request is in… Now’s the time for your support!

Last Thursday, Assembly Member Jim Wood and 7 co-sponsors submitted a request letter to Senate and Assembly budget committees for $2 million to the statewide Weed Management Area (WMA) program. If approved, these funds will leverage extensive local collaboration to implement strategic invasive plant control projects. It’s a critical investment in our natural infrastructure.

Support as an individual! Everyone can do this. Look up your legislators here using your address, go to the “contact” form on their website, and write a note expressing concern about invasive plants and support for the $2M funding request for WMAs.

Support as an organization! Help show the breadth of support for this important work. Visit our Fund WMAs webpage for a sample letter and where to email it.

Thank you!
Doug Johnson, Cal-IPC Executive Director

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