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Fun Cactus & Succulent Containers

Hello, I just read the latest issue of The Chuparosa and enjoyed it tremendously.

We’re new to the valley, having been here for only 1 year after 30+ years on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (in SW Los Angeles County). Quite a different gardening environment between here and there!

As we are leasing the home we’re in while we get to know the area, I find I’m doing all container gardening, as the yard is completely landscaped (and understandably the owner doesn’t want any additions or deletions).

I thought I’d share some photos of my containers which are generally succulents and small cacti, something else that’s quite new for me. I also have catmint, lantana and bougainvillea which came with me from Palos Verdes (but are finally thriving in the warmth and sun!).

I’m greatly looking forward to future issues of The Chuparosa!

Best wishes,

Judy Philen O’Connell
Palm Springs

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