Weed Meet


Dance the weeds away on the Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge/Fringe Toed Lizard Preserve. Since the Sahara Mustard has only just begun to sprout, we’re going to use our feet to twist, (but not shout) it out. Use your imagination to invent some weed-killing dance moves. There might even be a prize for the one with the best moves! RSVP to Jennifer Prado at [email protected] Calling all hands: volunteers needed for weed pulls! Weed season is just beginning, and this year, Friends of the Desert Mountains is spearheading a cooperative effort through the Low Desert Weed Management Area (LDWMA) group to “pull together” one day in each month of the Desert’s growing season: January 14, February 11, March 18 and April 22. Invasive species are the second leading cause of biodiversity loss worldwide—surpassed only by outright habitat loss. While many organizations have small groups of dedicated “weed warriors,” the idea here is to pool resources to one specific area each month. In this way, we hope to get as many people from as many community organizations as possible to come together to create an impact that will benefit the environment.  


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