Sam and Alfreda Maloof Historic Home and Discovery Garden


Join us on May 23 for a tour of the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation Historic Home and Discovery Garden. The guided tour of the historic home begins at 10am for about 2 hours and then we will visit the gardens by ourselves.

About the Home: "Sam Maloof is acknowledged as one of the finest woodworkers of our time. As a leader of the California modern arts movement, he designed and produced furniture infused with profound artistic vision for more than half a century until his death in 2009...

Alfreda Maloof, an artist, teacher and former Director of Arts and Crafts at the Indian School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1938-1941, met Sam Maloof while taking postgraduate classes at Scripps College. They got married on June 19, 1948.  She inspired Sam in his work and managed the Maloof woodworking business until her death in 1998.

Central to Sam’s work and life is the sprawling hand-built residence and adjoining woodshop. Nestled in a lemon grove near the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California, the residence is filled with Maloof furniture and many examples of later 20th Century American outstanding arts and crafts."

About the Garden: "Beverly Maloof conceived of a water wise garden on the site that would be compatible with, and celebrate, our local climate. She was aided by a Metropolitan Water District Water Wise Grant in 2003. The gardens were designed to be a partner to the Maloof Historic Residence museum; places of discovery, delight and inspiration. The plantings were done by community volunteers and officially opened to the public on June 19, 2004.

The Garden's Mission: The garden was developed to complement the museum, home, and Sam's shops and to demonstrate the practical ways a garden can reflect California native and other Mediterranean plants. It is designed in harmony with the Southern California climate and respectful of California's limited water supply, while showing a wide variety of plants and garden styles. We hope that this garden can both delight you with its subtle beauty and inspire you to adopt appropriate landscaping for your own home.

Site: The Foundation occupies almost 6 Acres located at approximately 2400 feet in the Alta Loma region of Rancho Cucamonga. The site is situated on an alluvial fan with silty/sandy soil and an abundance of rocks. It retains the original regional character typical of the Inland Empire grove culture. The dominant elements include specimen Coast Live Oak, mature citrus trees from the relic groves, English Walnut, Sycamore and a dramatic Eucalyptus windrow.

Planting Scheme: The garden was constructed with traditional regional elements though the use of a wide variety of long-lived planting strategies that require far less watering than currently typical for the region, and require relatively low maintenance. When the newly placed plants are established, they will need irrigation only once or twice a month. Special attention is paid to plants that attract beneficial birds, insects, and wildlife. It is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

The garden has been designed to lead the visitor through a number of little discoveries. Bends in the path disclose varied vistas, growth over the path encourages a pause to notice particular plantings and each region opens up a different approach to native and Mediterranean gardening.

Garden Areas: There are eight distinct areas or zones in the gardens; two areas have associated screen plantings. Each area presents a different theme designed to take advantage of that specific location on the site.

Plants: There are over 354 different types of plants (127 different genera, 199+ species and 155 different cultivars & varieties) in the garden with some plants repeated in several zones. Large specimen Palms, Japanese Maples, Olives and other plants were moved onto this site in 2000-2001 as part of the relocation of the Maloof workshops and residence."

The tour is $15.00 per person, guests are welcome. You will pay onsite but please sign up on the event page at we need a minimum of 10 participants for the docent led tour and a max of 40. Over 40 guests and the tour will convert to an docent led open house. 5131 Carnelian St, Alta Loma, CA 91701, 909-980-0412.

If you want to bring a bag lunch and eat onsite you can do that or if people would like to have a casual lunch we will head to California Fish Grill close by in Upland (they have more than fish). California Fish Grill, 1135 E 19th St, Upland, CA 91784, 909-473-5170

For those who want to continue after lunch we can head to the Farm Store at CalPoly Pomona to checkout what they have in the nursery. The Farm Store is on campus at 4102 S. University Dr., Pomona, CA 91768, 909-869-4906.

For those who would like to carpool we will leave from the Wellness Park in Palm Springs at 8:15am.

Source: Sam and Alreda Maloof Foundation



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