[Bus Trip] Butterfly Farms in Vista & Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens


The Desert Horticultural Society is happy to announce tours arranged by Adult Customized Tours (ACT), a local leader of affordable travel here in the Palm Springs area. To sign up for any of these tours you will need to call ACT and reserve your spot. ACT (888) 605-8280, (760) 322-1247 www.ACT-tours.com

What can you expect on these bus trips? We will travel by Luxury Motor coach, with a morning water and snack provided. You will need to bring a picnic lunch unless otherwise stated in the notice, and any snack or water for your return trip. All tours are self guided, unless otherwise noted. Bus pick-ups are throughout the valley and you'll be asked about this when you reserve your spot with ACT. They'll provide the time you need to be at the stop as well.

Destination: Butterfly Farms

Established in 2013 Butterfly Farms is concerned with the decline of native butterflies and other native pollinators. Dedicated to the education, conservation and research of our important pollinators, the farams study the host and nectar relationships of pollinators using the Monarch Butterfly as its model. In its 2000 square foot Vivarium (largest butterfly free flight house in southern California), view interactions of native butterflies in a unique ecosystem. In the farm’s nursery see dozens of plants important to the biology of our pollinators.

Destination: Casa Romantica

Casa Romantica is Southern California’s most exquisite bluff-top estate. Perched on a bluff overseeing the historic San Clemente Pier, the magnificent Casa and gardens with towering palm trees and rosy flower bushes provide spectacular views of the beautiful Pacific. To sign up for this tour you will need to call ACT and reserve your spot. ACT (888) 605-8280, (760) 322-1247 www.ACT-tours.com