Meeting and Presentation: "Understanding the botanical diversity in your backyard: the flora of Joshua Tree National Park"



Using Joshua Tree National Park as a case example, we will explore the “Who, What, Why, Where, and When” of the floristic diversity found in the California deserts. This region harbors some of the more pristine habitats in California and remains a place of great botanical opportunity. For example, in JTNP over 100 plant taxa have been added to our species list in the past 15 years, including several newly described (new to science) species. Currently, there are 732 vascular plants documented within the boundaries of JTNP: annuals represent the dominant life-form (~50%); over 90 taxa are considered summer bloomers; and only 7% are considered non-native. By studying the JTNP flora, we can then begin to appreciate the diversity found throughout the California deserts.

Tasha La Doux, Ph.D., Botany, currently works full-time as the Assistant Director of the UC Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center and part-time as the Botanist at Joshua Tree National Park. Her research interests include: reproductive biology in plants, rare plant management, and floristics. She is currently working on publishing a book titled "The Flora of Joshua Tree National Park." She has published numerous manuscripts on plant reproductive biology, population genetics, and floristic surveys.

  • Plant exchange before the meeting @ 5:30 PM in the parking lot. Bring pups, cuttings, plants to share with others. Even if you cannot bring plants feel free to adopt and watch your garden grow.
  • Meeting and presentation are open to the public and free of charge.


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