• Beneficial Use of Fungi

    Information provided by DHSCV member, Dan Goldberg The two fungi products I have used with success are http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/mycogrow-micronized-endoecto-seed-mix-1-oz.html for starting seeds, and http://www.fungi.com/product-detail/product/mycogrow-soluble-1-oz.html  for transplanting plants grown from seed, but I have also used this when transplanting scions or cuttings like desert lavender. I also use dip-n-grow when starting scions like desert lavender and

  • A new website for DHSCV!

    Hello, members! If you’re seeing this message you’ve discovered our exciting news! We now have better payment handling! You can pay by credit card without a PayPal account (even though PayPal will still be processing those transactions), you can still pay with PayPal, or you can mail a check. This

  • Pennisetum setaceum - Fountain Grass

    Fountain Grass is an Invasive Species

    Why we’re talking about invasive species Invasive species are so-called because they crowd out native plant species, reducing available food and shelter resources for native wildlife, all the way up the food chain. This type of habitat damage is often irreversible and so should be prevented from occurring in the