Meeting and Presentation by Professor Kurt Leuschner, “Birds and Plants: Creating a Backyard Habitat”

Plant exchange before the meeting @ 5:30 PM in the parking lot. Bring pups, cuttings, plants to share with others. Even if you cannot bring plants feel free to adopt and watch your garden grow.

Birds and Plants: Creating a Backyard Habitat
Presentation by Kurt Leuschner, Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert

There are many interesting connections between birds and plants in the desert southwest, and many questions people might have when planning their gardens to attract birds. For instance, how do Phainopeplas differ from typical flycatchers? Which bird species are nectarivores? Should I feed birds? What will happen if you plant Sweet Acacia in your yard? Why should you avoid trimming your palm trees? How can you attract more bird species to your garden? Which bird field guide is the best? These and many other questions will be answered as we explore the various relationships between plants and birds.

Kurt Leuschner is a Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert where he teaches courses on Conservation, Entomology, Field Ornithology, Native Plants, and GPS Navigation. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from U.C. Santa Barbara and a Master’s in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida. Kurt continues to take groups on photographic safaris to Africa, New Zealand, the Galapagos, and various locations in the southwestern United States. He is the founder of the Desert Cities Bird Club, on the Board of Directors of Western Field Ornithologists, and is past President of the Natural Science Collaborative. His most recent publications are the Palms to Pines Birding and Nature Trail map and brochure and a Field Guide to Desert Golf Course Wildlife. Kurt also teaches weekend courses and workshops on birdwatching, insects, GPS, and backyard habitats for UCR Extension, the Desert Institute, the Desert Studies Center, and the Living Desert.