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  • 13th Annual Desert Garden Community Day

    Here’s the schedule for next week’s 13th Annual Desert Garden Community Day. See you there! It is going to be an awesome, spooky and spiny day full of succulents!! More details here.

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  • DHSCV Friend Kurt Leuschner Talks at Rancho Mirage Library

    Birds and Plants: Creating a Backyard Habitat “There are many interesting connections between birds and plants in the desert southwest. How do Phainopeplas differ from typical flycatchers? Which bird species are nectarivores? Should I feed birds?  What will happen if you plant Sweet Acacia in your yard? Why should you avoid trimming your palm trees? […]

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  • Field Trip Sensations

    It’s been a busy month but I wanted to let you know that our Succulent Saturday sojourn was sensational. In early September Desert Horticultural Society of the Coachella Valley journeyed up to Bonsal to visit Waterwise Botanicals. We loved our free plant (who could pass that up) and spent hours wandering their grounds. Those who […]

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  • Crazy for Cactus

    This weekend was the 33rd Intercity Cactus Show and Sale at the LA Arboretum in Arcadia and it was packed – with people, plants and classes. The day was steaming hot but it didn’t deter the crowds crazy for cool plants. The current fascination for cactus and succulents has helped this show and sale grow bigger […]

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